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Resilient Satellite Beach | Visuals & Presentations (Click to View)

 Modeling Coastal Flooding and Community Impacts

University of Florida, Stetson University, ECFRPC

Implementing Resiliency at the Local Level

Stetson University, ECFRPC

Satellite Beach Project Presentation (4/26/2018)

Stetson University

Final public meeting presentation highlighting the project process, modeling and results

Sea Level Rise Impacts to Stormwater


From the Bottom Up

2019 Story Map

Link to Story Map

Description: This story map was created as part of collaboration between the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, Stetson University, the University of Florida and the City of Satellite Beach.


Satellite Beach Resiliency

Adaptation Action Area Proposals & Strategies

City of Satellite Beach AAA Proposed Polices

City of Satellite Beach Resilience Strategies

Description: This document describes policy recommendations for Adaption Action Areas for the City of Satellite Beach. This plan was the result of a citywide vulnerability analysis.


Satellite Beach Resiliency

Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Analysis

Link to Document

Description: This document describes the level of vulnerability for Satellite Beach to the effects of sea level rise, flooding, coastal erosion and storm surge. Short-and-long-term vulnerabilities are discussed.


Satellite Beach Resiliency

Public Input Analysis

Link to Document

Description: This document summarizes and provides analysis on the survey results developed as part of the public outreach process. Strategies of dealing with natural hazards are addressed.


Satellite Beach Resiliency

Final Report

Link to Document

Description: This document summarizes the findings from the previous portions of this project, including public input, the vulnerability analysis and the Adaptation Action Area proposals.

Satellite Beach Resiliency | Project Documents

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